Equibiz, a new trading platform for 2021


Equibiz, a new trading platform for 2021

"This platform offers a variety of online "horse" products, selected and structured, in order to reach the greatest number of key stakeholders, professionals, enthusiasts and new prospects."


The digital, an exponential growth

2020 has been a year of challenges for the entire racing and breeding industry. Many economic sectors have had to adapt and innovate in order to keep moving forward. The use of digital technology has undoubtedly been the key, even life-saving tool for the racing world, allowing it to maintain and streamline its activity.

Problem observed and a solution adapted to the market needs

In a world where much of the business is digital, the racing and breeding industry seemed to lag behind. It is this delay that EQUIBIZ wanted to fill with the creation of its platform www.equi-biz.com. This platform offers a variety of online "horse" products, selected and structured, in order to reach the greatest number of key stakeholders, professionals, enthusiasts and new prospects.

The possibility of displaying and advertising thoroughbred and AQPS products online (horses in training, mares, foals, nominations, etc.), represents the new commercial force of the horse racing stakeholders, while offering a point of entry for its new players. With just a few clicks, a seller has access to the entire EQUIBIZ network and can significantly increase the visibility of his products.

Likewise, a buyer or prospect can, at any time, consult the EQUIBIZ offer, find what they need, or place their researches if no corresponding advertisement is available at the time of consultation.

EQUIBIZ thus represents a real digital crossroad for supply and demand in the world of racing and breeding.

  • ·         Digital, free of charge and tailor-made support for sellers and buyers in the world of racing and breeding.
  • ·         A range of products selected for their relevance, a digital offer corresponding to the reality of the market.
  • ·         An access to a national and international network in a few clicks to buy or sell.
  • ·         A positive and significant economic impact with a platform limiting the costs of traditional sales.
  • ·         The concept of racehorses syndication made available in a simple and accessible manner.·    
  • ·  A reversed search tool, to scan the market and find without searching

The trainer and breeder can advertise their horses online for sale, entirely, or in syndication, and find their next acquisitions.

The owner and the breeder can at any time, consult a rich offer and send their product researches, in order to find the horse, the mare, the nomination, the stallion share, etc. that they are looking for.

The stallion operation, stallion shareholder or breeding right holder, can display their offers and respond to searches listed in the reversed research section of the EQUIBIZ website.

The newcomer will be able to find on EQUIBIZ the key which will allow him to start his journey in the horse racing business, thanks to a diverse and varied offer, adapted to any type budget.


In the French trotter racing industry, this type of tool has largely proven its worth, particularly through the syndication of stallions and the resulting trading opportunities.

In showjumping, a lot of transactions also take place through similar platforms such as SHF Market or Equirodi. These tools allow enthusiasts to find their horses and professionals to market them more easily.

Internationally, some companies have adapted their offers to the market by using innovative tools for marketing horses online, such as Inglis Digital in Australia, Wanamaker's and Keeneland Digital Sales Ring in the United States. These new technologies are currently experiencing exponential growth which is indisputably attracting many buyers and sellers around the world.

For 2021, the Equibiz platform and its network are at the disposal of racing players, enthusiasts and professionals, with the main mission of making the trade of thoroughbred and AQPS products more fluid.

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