They talk about it


They talk about it

Testimonial of Guillaume de Saint Seine, owner of racehorses and Equibiz user.

Guillaume de Saint Seine has been the owner of racehorses for many years. It recently used the Equibiz services for the acquisition of a share of a horse that was bein syndicated on the Equibiz website.

He explained his experience with Equibiz :

“A responsive and attentive team. Equibiz represents a necessary digitalisation and transparency, which does not exclude advice."


One of the Equibiz missions is to improve and facilitate the access to racehorse ownership. It is through the syndication and the sale of racehorses shares that the Equibiz platform addresses many profiles;

- Established owners wishing to diversify their horse portfolios, divide ownerhsip costs (purchase and on-going fees… etc) and find opportunities that they would not be able to access on their own.

- The newcomers who wish begin the adventure of ownership by acquiring shares of horses, in respect of their budget and supported by the Equibiz experts.

- Enthusiasts who, through full transparency of horses in syndication and public prices, can get a better idea of what racehorse ownership entails.

- Trainers for whom syndication provides an alternative to sale partially their horses and also the opportunity to potentially find new owners.


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