A syndicate or fractional-interests partnership connects and regroups registered owners, to own a racehorse. Each partner has a legal title of the syndicated horse. Equibiz consistently publish racehorses shares available in France and Europe.

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Owning a racehorse, or several racehorses, can be expensive. Syndication, or fractionnal-interest partnerships, is a simple concept, which allows investors and racing enthusiasts to optimize their investments by sharing the ownership of racehorses. This co-ownership system makes possible for investors to divide the purchase and on-going costs of racehorses and to broaden individual's chances of success in an interesting manner.

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Belong to the sport of King

Thoroughbred horse racing can be, sometimes, a bit complex to access. Besides its financial benefits, the concept of syndication makes it easier for futures owners to belong to this iconic sport. Access to ownership, training tracks, behind the scenes of horseracing events, is generally facilitated by the manager of the syndicate. The social aspect of a syndicate should not be forgotten, the co-ownership of a horse allows you to experience racing at its best and enjoy some great moments with friends but also to meet potentials new investors and partners.

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Why to invest in France ? 

In the racing world, France is renowned for the quality of its breeding grounds and for its important racing prize money. The unique premiums system for breeders and owners are also one of the strengths of the French industry. Each year, high-class french racehorses shine on the international sporting scene, for the delight of their owners.

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